Have your empty cartridges removed

Your box is full, make a pick-up request and we will come and collect it within 24 to 72 hours, free of charge at your address.

Your ESR collection box is full, we'll come and get it!

Request a free online pick-up

If you have not yet done so, create your ESR collection account.

1- Register directly by clicking on “Become a customer”.

2- Our collection service will validate the creation of your account within 24/48 hours by sending you a confirmation e-mail.

Once your box is full (between 15 and 20 laser cartridges for a maximum of 20Kg or about 100 inkjet cartridges minimum depending on the size of the box you have chosen), log on to your customer area to trigger your removal request.

We remove both single cartons and full pallets.

For each removal request, you will need to print a removal label with a barcode. When removing boxes, it is essential that you tape the label to each collection box in the space provided for this purpose. For full pallet pick-ups (either 12 boxes on two levels for laser boxes or 28 boxes on two levels for inkjet boxes), stick one label on each box and two labels on the pallet (large and small sides of the pallet).

This label will be downloadable in your customer area after validation of your collection request, and will also be sent to you with the confirmation of the passage of the carrier or collector.

The steps of boxes pick-up

What should I put in my collection box?

For an ecological approach, we collect empty used Inkjet and Laser cartridges, of all brands, excluding any other waste (such as copiers, ink cans, ovens, ribbons, fax machines, printers, bottles, batteries, light bulbs, etc.).

In order to protect the cartridges during transport, please place the Laser cartridges in their deflated airbag and the Inkjet cartridges with their protective clip.

Conditions for removal