• To benefit from the services provided by ARMOR SAS (hereinafter « ESR ») for the collection and ecological treatment of Empty Cartridges (as defined in section 2 below), customers must open an customer account either by email to, or online on the website providing full contact details. The creation of this account is to be validated by ARMOR SAS via email within a maximum of 72 hours providing a login and a link enabling the customer to select its own password to connect to its ARMOR SAS customer account. Any personal data and confidentiality remain the responsibility of the customer and should provide a strong enough password to ensure their account security


  • By creating an customer account and/or activating it for the first time, the customer undertakes to respect these general conditions of collection. They can be modified at any time by ARMOR SAS without notice.


  • The collection service applies exclusively to empty used inkjet and laser cartridges with the printer’s original brand from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or any other brand (hereinafter jointly referred to as the “Empty Cartridges”) excluding any other waste materials (in particular copier containers, ink cans, fax ribbons, printers, bottles, batteries, lightbulbs etc. hereinafter jointly referred to as “Waste Materials”)


  • In the event of the collection of significant quantities of Waste Materials or Empty Cartridges which are not empty cartridges from OEMs, ARMOR SAS reserves the right to temporarily or definitively stop collection, providing prior information to the customer or the partner without compensation or recourse, and for Waste Materials, re-invoicing customer for the cost of handling on the basis of 20 Euros excluding tax per kilo of Waste Materials collected.


  • ARMOR SAS arranges collection when the collection box is full, when it contains some 15/20 Empty Laser Cartridges (depending on the type of cartridge) and can be supplemented with inkjet cartridges.


  • The collection point for deposits of empty boxes and the collection of full boxes is to be the same for a single collection point specified for a site (reception area or reception desk). It is the customer’s responsibility to centralise collection at the specified collection point.


  • Collection is carried out by ARMOR SAS or by any service provider hired for this purpose.


  • Empty Cartridges are to be packed in such a way that they will not be damaged during transport or handling. To ensure this, collection boxes are supplied by ARMOR SAS. It is also important to place the Empty Cartridges into the deflated airbag for the replacement cartridges. Do not use or return any outer packaging or cartons.


  • Collection material will remain the exclusive property of ARMOR SAS. ARMOR SAS may require customer to return collection material at any time.


  • In using the collection material supplied by ARMOR SAS, customer undertakes to collect Empty Cartridges and return them in full, exclusively toARMOR SAS. Failing this, ARMOR SAS reserves the right to request that customer returns collection material immediately and at its own cost and to cease collection services without prior notice either temporarily or definitively and without compensation or appeal by the customer.


  • Collection boxes are to be placed at strategic points on the customer’s premises to ensure that all persons who need to deposit Empty Cartridges can do so.


  • To enable your Empty Cartridge collection requests to be facilitated and for faster handling, we would advise you to carry out the procedures via our on-line service at Failing this you may contact our collection service by email at


  • To make a request for collection it is essential that boxes be:

–  Full (containing around 15 to 20 Empty Laser Cartridges depending on the type of cartridge / or inkjet cartridges)

–  Identified with the collection label (which will have been sent in the confirmation email or downloaded on the on-line service upon requesting collection) on the appropriate area of the box

–  Securely and carefully closed

–  Do not contain any Waste Materials (copying bottles, bottles, batteries, lightbulbs etc.)


  • A collection label is essential for identifying boxes.


  • Request for collection will be handled within a maximum time limit of 72 hours on working days, except for the following departments from Paris/Ile de France : 75/77/92/93 where the time limit may be as long as 20 working days based on delivery rounds, collection is to be confirmed by email.


  • It is essential that the collection appointment that has been set be complied with and that the Empty Cartridges have been made available for the collection date.


  • Boxes are to be ready upon the arrival of the courier and be at the place indicated at the time of confirming collection by email.

REMINDER: The collection point for deposits of empty boxes and the removal of full boxes is to be the same for any single point of collection specified for a site (reception area or reception desk). It is the customer’s responsibility to centralise collection at the collection point specified.


  • Our courier is authorised to take only closed and taped boxes, and has the right to refuse any which they deem to be non-compliant to this specification. Any provision of plastic bags or unpacked cartridges will be automatically refused.


  • Each visit to your site will be invoiced by the courier even where the collection has not been completed; we shall be obliged to charge you the cost where visits do not enable Empty Cartridges to be collected for any reason whatsoever on the basis of a fixed overall fee of 50 Euros excluding tax.


  • The courier is not authorised to enter offices or other floors to collect boxes, except for the Ile de France region as we have our own transport.


– The external courier and our company courier are both authorised to:

– Refuse collection in cases where it does not comply with the points set out above.

– Refuse any handling other than loading boxes onto their vehicle.

– Refuse any extended wait of several minutes – boxes are to be made available following receipt of our confirmation by email.


  • Our collections service is available throughout mainland France and in Corsica, as well as in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain and the Netherlands.


  • Unless special conditions mutually agreed between ARMOR SAS and the customer or partner relaying the ARMOR SAS offer, the services provided by ARMOR SAS are free (with compliance of the conditions for the collection of used cartridges; see point 2 of the GCC).


  • All names, titles, logos and domain names used by ARMOR SAS in the framework of services provided to customers are subject to reservations and intellectual property rights by ARMOR in France and in some foreign countries.


  • Our Privacy Policy is available on the website and on request.


  • In the event of a dispute that arises as a result of or in connection with these collection conditions, ARMOR and the customer undertake to seek as a priority an amicable settlement of this dispute. In absence of an amicable resolution, the dispute shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Nantes Courts, even in the event of multiple defendants, incidental claims or warranty claims.


  • The law applicable is French law.